Monday, September 1, 2014

Header Photo: A Dutch Skûtsje Capsized

I mentioned in my previous post about the the Dutch Skûtsje working scow that they do indeed capsize. In this photo lifted from the InterWebs, it is unclear whether this behemoth is just going over or just coming up! (I'm guessing from the way the mainsail is eased that this one is being righted.)

Music Whenever:; "Roar" Yet Another Great Scott Bradlee Arrangement

While I'm on a Scott Bradlee kick, this is another great arrangement I just can't let go. Featuring vocalist Annie Goodchild and the incomparable, frenetic, tamborinist maestro, Tim Kubart.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Music Whenever: "Burn" A Top-Notch Scott Bradlee Arrangement/Cover

Just an amazing trio of female vocalists belting out a great cover arrangement. If you have a spare evening or two, surf YouTube for all Scott Bradlee's great arrangements of popular tunes in all the old styles (20's flapper, MoTown, New Orleans, Torch, Country...You name it).....and marvel at his assemblage of great musicians + one tamborinist + one tap-dancer, etc.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Topper Worlds 2014

A TV news report on the Topper Worlds that took place mid August in Pwhelli Wales. Whereas the Laser Radial is the interim junior class for the Optimist graduates in North America, the Topper holds this distinction in the U.K., with massive turnouts. This doesn't mean adults can't enjoy Toppers as I have posted before in this post and also this post.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Plans for the Classic Lark Scow

I've chunked together, into a PDF file, the plans for the Lark scow as published in Rudder magazine in the 1940's. It calls for a traditional build of the Lark but that doesn't mean you couldn't utilize modern technology and build it another way. Again, to open the PDF plans in another window (for printing or saving as a file) click on the boxed arrow icon on the top right of the embedded PDF file. Note that page 12 of the PDF file is blank.

Click here for the background post on the Lark scow.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Header Photo: Captain Scrambling on Skinny Moth

I took this from an old International Moth newsletter. It shows a Japanese fellow riding his skinny skiff Moth wrong way up (before foils). Sometimes there is nothing dignified about dinghy sailing.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dinghy Photo: A Great One of a 12 sq. meter Sharpie

Velajando na Lagoa dos Patos

In my travels around the Net I've grabbed photos that interest me here and there. Every once in a while I'll repost. This black and white photo of the Classic 12 sq. meter Sharpie, the Olympic double-hander of 1956, is one of my favorites. I got it from a Brazilian blogger that was on the blog list of Doryman, but doesn't seem to be on his blog list now. I assume the photo is from the late 1950's - early 1960's, especially given the split tiller in use which was also popular on Classic Moth's from that time fame. The 12 sq. m. Sharpie is sailing on a large freshwater lagoon behind an ocean barrier island, Lagoa dos Patos - Duck Lagoon, in Southern Brazil. The two names I have attached to the photo are Gabriel Gonzales and Nelson Piccolo, who I assume are the sailors. If I had a larger resolution image this one would definitely be framed and sitting on a wall in my house.

I would be interested in further attribution of the photographer because it is a great sailing photo.